Guns and Roses

Posted: 7 June 2011 in Hockey News

Well, mostly just guns.

I’m sorry for not blogging more regularly. Now that the NHL season is dwindling down, I hope to blog much more frequently. It’s kind of like a new year’s resolution, only my new year starts when the NHL season ends. But in the meantime, I went to visit my parents in Northern Virginia this week and I got to hang out with my dad at work. It was a blast (literally) and I learned how to shoot a hand gun for the first time ever. Check out my video:

Also, I learned a lot more about what my dad does at his job. It’s pretty cool. He is in charge of the training for the Department of Energy’s security forces… and as part of that he helps facilitate training of their SPOTC team that competes in an annual contest. I watched the 3-man team practice for a while, and I made this video for them:

  1. mary says:

    I chuckled at your “blast” pun. And Happy New Year’s to you (almost!).

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