Week 2: Langley Camp

Posted: 2 August 2011 in Hockey News

YWAM Hockey and Athletes in Action partner for two sleepaway camps each year. Last week our team of 8 coaches led a camp of 58 kids from Sunday to Friday. The Kids were dropped off on Sunday night and we were in charge of them until Friday when their parents picked them up again.

Human Sundae Victim

Overall the week was a ton of fun, although we were going non-stop pretty much from 7am when we had to wake the kids from

breakfast until 11pm when we had lights out. The camp was divided into two age groups and I was helping with the older age group, 13-15. Each day started with breakfast and then bussing to the rink where we did dryland, ice-time, lunch, second ice-time and then coaches corner. I don’t know whose brilliant idea it was to have dryland training right after breakfast, but it was not a great idea. But the kids worked hard at dryland all week (well most of the kids) and we had a ton of fun.

In the afternoon we would bus back to campus for various activities like a ropes course or ball hockey. In the evening, after supper, we had wide games which I was in charge of. The most popular widegame of the week was a tie between full contact snatch the bacon, and human sundae which turned into an all out whipped cream war.

Revisiting the first Canadian Ice I ever skated on.

Caroline attended camp all the way from NYC!

Several of the girls in my group were also at the camp last summer so it was such a joy to get to know them even better and to spend another week with them. Also, one of the girls I coach on the Ice Hockey in Harlem Team in New York City was able to attend the camp thanks to a generous donated flight from American Airlines as well

as a camp scholarship from YWAM Hockey. It was Caroline’s first visit to Canada, and to summer camp. I loved having her in my group all week and her hockey skills improved immensely over the week of ice time.

The rink the kids played their exhibition game on at the end of the week happens to be the same rink I skated on the first time a came to Canada a year ago, so I has some sentimental value as the first Canadian Ice I have ever skated on.

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