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My great Canadian adventure started with a little missadventure when my cab driver had trouble finding the West Jet departure gate in Newark, NJ and we ended up in the economy parking lot, but after my savvy navigation I made it to my gate with plenty of time to spare before my flight to Calgary.

Check it out, West Jet decorated for my trip to Canada:

According to this map, I must have boarded the world’s largest airplane. It’s almost as long as Saskatchewan!

I arrived in Calgary in time to witness the Stampede –essentially  a giant festival of cowboys. This is what greeted me at the airport in Calgary:

My dear friend Shauna picked me up and put me up for the night. She also treated me to brunch at this adorable cafe. The food was AMAZING. Then it was back to the airport for two more flights.

I also visited Edmonton for the first time….. well I sat in the tarmac there for a few minutes…

Once I arrived in Grand Prairie, Heather’s mom picked me up and took me to the ice rink where I met up with the team just as they were sending all the campers home and then we played a staff scrimmage. I love playing in Canadian ice, it’s somehow better I swear. Anyway, I met up with the mother of a girl from the Calgary camp last summer, and we caught up over coffee and then I devoted the rest of the evening to posting this blog entry since the internet connection here is dreadful. It’s raining like crazy here, and tomorrow we will drive all day to Pr. George for our camp there. Check back soon for an exclusive video of the the HSOS team gone good samaritan…


The long wait is almost over…as many of you already know, I am heading back to Canada to coach hockey camps with YWAM hockey and Athletes in Action this summer. I’m thrilled to announce that I leave in just a few days. In fact, I leave in three days and 22 hours to be exact.

I managed to injure my foot last weekend when I went for a run, and I strained the ligaments below my right ankle. It’s been swollen all week, and today is the first day I’ve been able to walk on it without limping — so that’s exciting news.

All the other staff have already assembled and the first camp begins tomorrow in Grand Prairie. I’ll join the team on Friday. Here is a pic of the team, minus me, but I am so excited to join up with them. OK, I promise to blog frequently while I am there so you can keep up with all my adventures :)

2011 HSOS team L to R, Heather, Stu, Ancel, Mike, Collin, Kristina, Tim, Kevin and Chris.

Canadian at Heart

Posted: 4 September 2010 in Canada Summer

Thanks to everyone who donated to my Summer of Service in Canada with YWAM Hockey and Athletes in Action. I had the most incredible time volunteering at the hockey camps. Over the coming weeks I hope to write several blog posts about the summer to give you an idea of why I had such an incredible time!

I will say that after spending six weeks in Western Canada, I really feel Canadian at heart. Hockey is everywhere in Canada. Hockey is everything in Canada. Hockey is Canada. From my first moments in Canada, I was pleased to see hockey highlights on TV, even though it was the middle of the off-season and nothing of interest was even happening.

It is hockey’s pervasiveness throughout Canada that makes me feel such a strong connection with the country. It’s the fact that Canada has hockey players on its currency (coolest five dollar bill in the world!), it’s the fact that every tiny community in Canada builds an ice-rink before it builds a library, it’s the fact that even the average Canadian citizen, from British Columbia to Newfoundland, can tell you the top scoring forward in the NHL last season.


The Olympic torch in Vancouver.

Six weeks in Canada gave me this distinct feeling of, “I belong here. I am like these people.”

You see, oftentimes in New York City or New Mexico when I tell people “I work for the NHL,” they pause and stare at me blankly, and then say “Is that…… hockey?” And then they go on to to tell the joke, “I went to a boxi

ng match once and a hockey game broke out.” …. “Hah, funny” I respond with my courtesy laugh. But in Canada, if you tell someone you work for the NHL, they treat you like a celebrity (Thank you very much Jeremy Doirn).

There was something about the landscape, the mix of beaches and mountains, that just captivated my imagination and my heart. So, all in all, my journey to “Hockey’s Holy Land” was amazing. Thanks again to those of you who made it possible. I promise to share many details in the coming weeks.

If you are interested, you can read about my fellow Summer of Service teammates on the YWAM Hockey blog, where I did some blogging while I was there.

A Few Photos I took in Vancouver, but they hardly do justice to the BEAUTIFUL city:


Vancouver's Modern Skyline.


Vancouver's Lion's Gate Bridge at Sunset.

I’m going to Canada this summer to be a counselor at hockey camp! Help me get there by making a donation today.

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