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I am something of a nerd, but I have rewritten this poem from Lord of the Rings in honor Game 7 of the Stanley Cup.

One Cup for the Champions of eternal victory
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
One Game to rule them all, One Team to win it,
One Game to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of MoTown where the Shadows lie.

The Penguins have accomplished a great feat in drawing this series to seven games. It’s going to be a tough battle, and it can go either way but it’s such a great story for the Penguins who nearly missed the playoffs but battled into the fifth seed and then bested three tough teams to make it to the Final again. Many people doubted their ability to beat the Red Wings after falling in Games 1 and 2, but the resilient Pens battled back and now it all comes down to one final epic showdown.

Yesterday was my last day with with the Pens and my experience with the organization was phenomenal, first class. I hope they win the cup, they deserve it.

the Stanley Cup Final

Debs and Sam at the Stanley Cup Final


I’m not obsessed with hockey, but last weekend was a hard hard thing in my life…

My best friend and college roommate of three years, Amber, got married on Sunday. Thanks to NBC, the NHL decided to schedule Games 1 and 2 of the Stanley Cup Final back-to-back on Saturday and Sunday.

So, yours truly was faced with the prospect of missing both games because I was a bridesmaid in Amber’s wedding. The rehearsal was Saturday evening, and the actual wedding was Sunday afternoon/evening.

I toughed it up and went to the wedding, and had a blast. And Amber was cool with me ducking out of the rehearsal and the reception in time to blog both games for the Penguins website. All in all, it worked out for me. Not so much for the Penguins, who are faced with a 2-0 deficit for the second year in a row in the Final. Below, the bride and me, sporting my official Penguins’ playoff hat.

Amber and Debs at the Rehearsal Dinner.

Amber and Debs at the Rehearsal Dinner.

nhl_sc_09_2Today is the day. Opening day of the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs. The time of year when every second of every is 100 times more important that it was just two days ago. Let the games begin!

These are my predictions:
Round 1:

-Boston over Montreal in 5, just because of this:
-Rangers over Caps in 7, because “Jose the open door” will be Alex the Great’s downfall as King Henrick dethrones him.
-Devils over Canes in 6 becuase Parise is underrated and the Staal-Cole line is overrated.
-Pens over Flyers in 6, obviously, so that I can work for them longer because my internship ends when their season does. But also because Dan the Man is an awesome coach (seriosuly, 18-3-4?!).

-Ducks over Sharks in 7, because they set up the Pens with Kunitz, so I hope they fare well, oh and Ryan and Getzlaf are sweet.
-Detroit over Columbus in 7, only because Mason is a rookie prodigy, or else I would say Wings in 4.
-Vancouver over St. Louis in 6, because the Sundin twins supposedly read each other’s minds.
-Chicago over Calgary in 7, did you see how the hawks dismantled the Wings on Easter Sunday? Jokinen or not, the Flames are toast.

Round 2:
-Boston over Rangers in 5 because New York’s offense is no match for that Giant called Chara.
-Pens over Devils in 7, Marty may very well be the best goalie in the league, but he’s no match for the potent Penguins offense.

-Detroit over Ducks in 5, because that’s how mo-town rolls.
-Vancouver over Chicago in 6, just because.

Round 3:
-Pens over Boston in 5. Seriously. I’m calling it. Fleury will be on fire at this point, and so will Sid, Malkin, Guerin, Sykora, etc.etc.
-Detroit over Vancouver in 6.

-Pens best Wings in 6, and Hossa considers hanging himself in the visitors locker room at the Mellon Arena.


Both benches of beard-bearing brutes played nearly six periods of bombastic hockey on Monday night. It looked like the Red Wings would clinch the league championship with mere minutes remaining on the clock and a one goal lead. Yet, In a crazy turn of events, the Pittsburgh Penguins were able to hold on to their Stanley Cup hopes for one more game thanks to the help of three hero’s:

Hero 1: Maxim Talbot pounded the puck past Chris Osgood with 34.4 seconds left in the game. Talbots’ goal eventually forced the game into triple over time because both teams went scoreless in the first two OT periods.

Hero 2: Marc-Andre Fleury faced 58 shots from the potent Red Wing’s offense and stopped 55 of those shots. The Penguins surely wouldn’t still be in this if not for the outstanding, brilliant efforts of their young goalie.

Of Fleury, Penguins forward Sidney Crosby said in the New York Times that: “…he was the difference. He held us in there, allowed us to keep battling and holding on. So a big part of that win goes to him.”

Hero 3: Petr Sykora scored his first goal of the series at a pivotal time after predicting he would score.

“It was just between the periods, something stupid I said,” Sykora said in the New York Times. “I said, Guys, I’m just going to get one. So don’t worry about the game. I’m going to get a goal.’”

DETROIT – JUNE 02: Adam Hall #28 of the Pittsburgh Penguins and teammates celebrate after Petr Sykora scored the game winning goal against the Detroit Red Wings during game five of the 2008 NHL Stanley Cup Finals at Joe Louis Arena on June 2, 2008 in Detroit, Michigan. The Penguins defeated the Red Wings 4-3 in triple overtime to set the series at 3-2 Red Wings. (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images) Found on Yahoo Sports

Game Five: Third Period

Talbot pounded in the game tying goal with 34.3 seconds remaining in the third! He keeps the Penguins very dim playoff hopes alive with the game tied at three going into overtime.

The fans at the Joe were silenced by the goal.

The Wing’s were trailing 2-1 going into the third period. Pavel Datsyuk finally got one past Fleury, but he was denied by the cross bar. Fans were jumping, but were disappointed to learn that the puck bounced off the under side of the cross bar.

Datsyuk finally put one in the net to tie the game at three on a power play goal.

Rafalski earned the go-ahead goal when he drove the puck past Fleury. The Penguins were looking lackluster in the middle of the third. The fans were pumped at the Joe because the score finally reflected the shot count. Until Talbot ruined their victory, at least for a little while longer that is.

It’s do or die for the Penguins now. Nothing beats Stanley Cup-sudden death OT!

(Both Gonchar and Malone were returned to the ice for period three).