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It’s time for the weekly installment of the NHL on Twitter! As promised, I have plucked the weeks best tweets for your enjoyment:

From the Flyers:

Philadelphia FlyersFlyersOnTheFlyThe team just touched down in Detroit on a flight from New York.

It’s too bad they don’t go into more detail…was it a crash landing? Bad weather, or perhaps just a field trip to take a look at ol’ Stanley himself?

From the Ducks:

Anaheim DucksAnaheimDucksBig game tonight vs NSH & the popular Beer Pack is available! 2 tix, 2 beers & 2 hot dogs for $41 ($20 off!)

Montreal CanadiensCanadiensMTLGrâce à ses habiletés sur la patinoire et hors de celle-ci, Yannick Weber se prépare tout un festin.

Again from the Blackhawks: (You  have to appreciate the way teams keep their injuries under wraps)

Chicago BlackhawksNHLBlackhawksBarker is done for the night for an unknown reason; the coaching staff is calling it an “upper, middle or lower body injury.”




I’m not really sure what the big deal is with Twitter. Sure, I use Twitter, but I never quite know what sort of updates to post. Should I divulge into juicy personal details about my life like, “At grocery store. Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese Doritos?” Should Twitter just become my RSS feed for all of the articles I write? Example: 

DebsFrancisconhlgirlHockey’s Big Three Bailout:

Or, should it be a place to simply write what I am doing in 140 words or less? Example: “Sitting down to write a feature on the Penguins Extra Attacker Fantasy game.”

Lately I have gotten into following various NHL team’s Twitter Feeds and while it’s fun to observe the culture of each team through their Twitter Feeds, it’s obvious that some of them, like me, also have no idea what to tweet about yet.  Take the Carolina Hurricanes for instance in this tweet:

NHL HURRICANESnhl_canesThe Hurricanes lost a tough one 3-2 on Thursday at Dallas. Next up, the Capitals on Saturday at Verizon Center!

Really Hurricanes? I’m glad you tweeted that, or else how would I have known this breaking news? I especially like the exclamation point at the end of the tweet, it really emphasizes the importance of the tweet. But hey, at least the Canes are trying, I mean, a lot of teams don’t even have twitter feeds yet.

I love that the Habs tweet first in French, and moments later, post the same tweet in English.

  1. Montreal CanadiensCanadiensMTL#canadiens Halak in nets Saturday, Kovy still sick


  2. Montreal CanadiensCanadiensMTL#canadiens Halak dans les buts contre les Devils, Kovy toujours sur le carreau

This tweet from the Vancouver Cannucks was a personal favorite from this week:

Vancouver CanucksVanCanucksMore photos from the Canucks Mother-son road trip: #canucks

Many teams have an annual dads trip, but this is the first I’ve heard of a moms trip. Guessing by the expressions in these photos, the players seem to really love this tradition.

I actually stopped following the Red Wings twitter feed after about an hour, becuase they had SO many updates, I got mugged down by it all. The NHL on Twitter will be a weekly feature here on NHL girl, so check back to see the best tweets of the week. In the meantime, feel free to follow my feed on twitter, but don’t expect me to tweet regularly.