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Makeup-less March

Posted: 25 March 2011 in Uncategorized

I don’t always give something up for Lent, but this year I decided to give up makeup. I was inspired by a makeup-less picture of my younger sister that she posted on her facebook page recently. She looked radiant.

I’ve always been an advocate of natural beauty and less-is-more when it comes to makeup anyhow, but, I felt that giving it up for a month would be a good way to come back to terms with my natural beauty…. and I decided to dedicate the time that I normally take to apply my make up each day to spend that extra ten or fifteen minutes with God.

Today is day 15 of no make-up, and I am relishing the freedom it’s brought me. There were a few days there when I was really apt to cheat, because I just felt icky, but I’m glad I didn’t give in. (Even though I saw Bradley Cooper of the Hang Over on one of my icky days, alas). Makeup is a good thing when we use it to enhance the beauty that God created us with, but when we use it as a crutch to cover insecurities, it is a bad thing. Giving up makeup has helped me open my eyes to the raw person that I am, created in God’s image, lovely and radiant in Him.

When you struggle with your image it can be hard to accept how God truly views you, and so this verse really encouraged me during my first week of no makeup:

‘I take delight in you’ — The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you by His love; He will exult over you with loud singing — Zephenia 3:5

Wow. The God of the universe rejoices over me with gladness? He exults over me with loud singing? His love truly does quiet me. This is a truly humbling passage. Well, here are a couple of pictures from my March with no Makeup:


I turned 21 this week.forsbergavalanche

This has been a significant number in my life, not because it is the legal drinking age in Amercia, but because of the the legendary player who the number 21 belonged to: Peter Forsberg.

Although his short lived return to the NHL last season was a huge let down…I will forever love Peter Forsberg. I once re-named my pony Foppa in honor of the swift skating Swede.

I’ll even tell you a secret about myself…I used to HATE hockey. I hated hockey until middle school when my older brother Eric, sat me down in front of the TV during an Avalanche game, and explained the rules to me.

Suddenly, I was obsessed with the sport. Following hockey became my new hobby. In June of 2001 I visited Denver with my Girl Scout troupe (that’sĀ embarrassingĀ to admit) the night the Avalanche beat the New Jersey Devils 3-1 in game seven to win the Stanley Cup. I missed the game because I was forced to go shopping at the mall with the girls in my troupe. I begged my leader to let me stay at the hotel so I could watch the game on TV, but I ended up just watching the highlights that night…and listening to Denver celebrate its victory all night long.

Not to bore you with my nistalgia…but Peter Forsberg was one of the main reasons I loved the Avalanche. He was just SO good at hockey, and so humble. It’s sad to see him now. He was born to play hockey…but injury keeps plaguing him.

Whenever the Avs were behind in a game, each time Foppa stepped onto the ice–you just knew anything could happen. It was like the puck was an extension of his person–he could coax it around the defense, skate in behind the net, and then somehow he could flick the puck over the goalie’s shoulder from an impossible angle. Number 21 was the greatest player in the world.

I hope that while I am 21 he will return to the league for another brief stint– even if he will never play as good as he once did.

Welcome to NHL Girl!

Posted: 23 December 2007 in Uncategorized

Welcome to my hockey blog.

The inspiration to start this blog came from reading Adrian Daters book, Blood Fued. If you love hockey I suggest picking up a copy, its a great read. I couldn’t put it down despite the fact that I should have been studying for midterms.

Anyhow, Dater has a chapter on the Detroit Red Wing’s legendary coach Scotty Bowman. He describes Bowman’s habit of reading every article from every teams local paper after each NHL game. This is one of the things that made him a great coach; he knew about every player in the league. I decided it would be awesome to attempt to follow the league like Bowman did. I am calling it the Bowman Challenge.

Check back every day for information and reflections on each game from the previous night, as well as player reference pages with up to date info on players as they establish themselves in the league. Overall this site is dedicated to providing information, more than anything else.