Summer in Canada

So, I’m heading back to Canada this summer as a volunteer hockey coach with the YWAM Hockey summer camps. I am so excited. Below is my countdown clock:!/tac000/tptTime%20since%20Event%20started%20in/tpc000/matwith%20YWAM%20Hockey/mac000/mpc000/iso2011-07-13T17:50:00/bo2

Last summer I had grand adventures in Western Canada where I volunteered at YWAM’s Hockey Camps for six weeks. (Side note: It’s funny that an American with little hockey-playing experience would volunteer to teach Canadadian kids about hockey, yes, well they did most of the teaching, I will admit, but it was an awesome experience nonetheless).

What follows are the chronicles from last Summer:

-Initial Response: Canadian at Heart


The 2010 HSOS Team: Brian Peters, Ancel Schwabe, Kaitlyn Fehr, Chris Finson, Debs Francisco, Jeremy Doirn, Dale Lehman, Brett Barkman, Tal, Chris Weins and Glen Bueckhert.

I promise more content in the coming weeks.